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How to Fast Travel in Magic: Legends

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A quick guide explaining the fast travel system in Magic: Legends. It requires players to find various fast travel points throughout the map.

Taking place in a setting built off the lore depicted in the Magic: The Gathering cardplaying game, Magic: Legends allows players to choose from one of five classes and become a planeswalker. The multiverse is under threat from an ancient force, and players will find themselves exploring various planes and collecting spells as they attempt to stop it on a grand adventure that takes them across several dimensions.

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As the name implies, a planeswalker is a being who can travel between realms throughout the multiverse. With that and the ability to draw mana, it is the ideal player race. But the planeswalker people play as cannot travel around the multiverse freely at the beginning. Instead, players will have to find and unlock various travel points across the game which gives payers access to the game’s fast travel system.

How to Fast Travel in Magic: Legends

Magic Legends Fast Travel Stone

Fast travel points in the game are easy enough to identify: they look like stone stars on the ground with a gem in the center. They are scattered throughout any given map and can be found in almost any realm. But the player can’t really claim these fast travel points until they meet certain criteria. Namely, completing the tutorial and activating each travel point by discovering them on foot. Once activated, the gem in the middle of the stone should glow, signifying that the player can transport to that particular travel point at any point in time by accessing their map and selecting it.

In the game’s current state, this fast travel system can be accessed anywhere at no cost. Meaning the player does not lose money, experience, or anything else of worth when choosing to fast travel. This means that if the player goes out of their way to explore (and fight through) the game world, there will hardly be any location in the game they don’t have relatively easy access to.

But players should keep in mind that the game does not pause when the map is accessed. Everything keeps going, including any enemies who may be nearby when the player tries to fast travel to the nearest town. So at the very least players need to be aware of their surroundings when they access the map, lest they be killed by enemies that haven’t been cleared away yet.

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Magic: Legends open beta is available on PC

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